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Economic Empowerment

Because of your faithfulness and support, our home mission in the Granite City area has grown.

We’ve been  reaching out to the people of our area for some time but we have stepped up our efforts in recent months. We wanted to give you an update of how we are growing and making an impact.

  • We serve our community breakfast on Saturday mornings. We partner with other local churches in the area to ensure the people of our community get a hot meal at least once a week.

  • We serve the people of Ronald McDonald House Charities by providing meals to families who are in the area due to unforeseen hospital stays.

  • We participate in the Serve St. Louis Projects. We have served our elderly, widows, single moms and others who may have needs they are not always able to handle.

  • We support a local clothing shelter which provides clothing to those in need.

  • We support a local food bank which provides food to those in need.

  • We support the local TWIGS program which feeds people who are in need and provides community services for free.

Your continued support is what is needed for us to keep serving most effectively.

So how can you help?  


If you are moved to give a donation to Mission 1:11, we are now able to do that through our own

website!  Just click on the donate button for a one-time gift or use the subscribe buttons for a

recurring donation.


See our Facebook page for upcoming events and other ways to help support MISSION 1:11.

Denny Walk

Local Missions Director

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