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House of Hope & Joy Children's Home

In 2007, a community children’s home was established in Saint Marc, Haiti – The House of Hope and Joy. The home is not just a shelter, but a family. With 11 children, two directors’ children, and 11 staff members, including 24-hour security, it provides a safe and loving environment for these children to thrive.  


Access to education in Haiti is limited, and only about 1% of the population can pursue higher education after completing high school. We are delighted to share that two of our oldest children are currently preparing for college! This is a significant accomplishment and brings a lot of hope and opportunities to them and their community. It shows the incredible resilience and determination of our children and reminds us that no dream is too big.  


We believe that every child has value and has the potential to achieve greatness. We are committed to providing them with the necessary resources and opportunities to do so. Witnessing the incredible transformation in the lives of our children fills us with immense joy and gratitude. 

The yearly budget for House of Hope and Joy Children’s Home is $78,000. Your donation can make a difference. You can provide food instead of starvation, education instead of illiteracy, healthcare instead of sickness, opportunity instead of defeat, love instead of abandonment, and life instead of death.

You have the power to change lives and be a part of something bigger than yourself. Will you join us in this mission?

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