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Support Jack & Joy in Haiti

We are a family of many adventures. We are a family of cultural differences. We have a funny last name that most people mispronounce. We are also a family of strong faith. So, sit back and hang on tight for the many exciting stories in the future.

For now, we would just like to introduce ourselves and tell you a bit about how we ended up on this web page. There is myself, Joy, the mom who is an expert in multitasking. There is Jack, the funny one with the music abilities. Then there is Calvin, with the wild hair, he is our firstborn. Our littlest member is Leo, aka sweetness. 

I was born and raised in Indiana where I was in church every time the door was open. I loved everything about it. In my Junior year of high school there was a big earthquake that hit Haiti. I did the good Christian thing and went to church to help pack meals to send to Haiti. At the end of that night some group gave a speech that changed the way I saw missions. I instantly knew I needed to be someone who said I can go. So that's what I did, I just decided to find somewhere to go and serve. After that, that's when Jack comes into the picture.

Jack, whose real name is Dieumack, lived in the same city I worked in. We met one day as he was leading worship. I was so nervous to talk to him, but it became abundantly clear this was the man God had waiting for me. Jack has lived in Haiti his whole life with his mother and 4 siblings. He grew up in a tiny 3 room (that's 3 rooms total, not 3 bedrooms) Haitian home. Growing up he missed several meals, had little clothing, slept on the floor, and often got sent home from school for nonpayment. Most families in Haiti live like this.

We got engaged in January of 2014, and in June of 2014 Jack came to the US to meet my family for the first time. Since then we have gotten to know the amazing people of Mission 1:11. The mission was born and we were called to run the Guesthouse in Haiti. We live in Haiti and help groups coordinate their trips to the mission. We are the eyes and ears on ground in Haiti to keep all operations moving smoothly. Our days fill up quickly with everything (and everyone!) that comes through our house. We would love for you to come and visit us!! 

Bondye beni ou! 

-Jean-Francois Family

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