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Building Leaders Project

Welcome to the Building Leaders Project page!

If you haven't yet be sure to see our video below explaining this project!

Our goal at Mission 1:11 has always been to live out 2 Thessalonians 1:11 and enable people to live a life worthy of His call. As our House of Hope and Joy Directors, Wadson & Stephanie Murat are living to see Haiti change. In order to better equip them we need to make some changes to prepare for the future. They currently live in the House of Hope and Joy and are "on call" 24/7. While their love and passion for raising and teaching the children continues, we can see that there are growing needs that must be met so they have a sustainable future at the House of Hope and Joy. They need a house of their own, and a space to set healthy boundaries with their work responsibilities. Our vision is to make critical repairs to the current "boys home" and move them there. This will allow our girls, who are currently in a very small room, to move into the second story and have a floor all of their own. The boys will then be split between the elementary students and the older teenage boys, and stay on the first and third stories. 

The repairs needed for this house to become a space of rest and recharging are no small feat. Below are the current estimates of each repair needed.

- Remove the current tin roof and pour concrete $3,000

- Bathroom tile - $500

- Bathroom sink (currently does not have one) - $300

- Water tank - $400

- Water pump - $500

- Break wall and enclose porch - $750

- Paint - $1000

- Moving labor (for girls room and their house) - $250

- New screens and other miscellaneous needs - $250

-TOTAL= $6,500.00


This is a huge undertaking that we believe is absolutely critical to move forward. Any amount given is an investment of them as leaders for this home, their school, and the community. If you would like to participate in the Building Leaders Project but can't financially give in this moment, we would love to get you connected to become a prayer supporter. If you would like to receive updates from the Murat family, send notes of encouragement or prayer, or to ask a question you can email them directly at 


We would ideally start this move in late May 2021 when school is released. Moving everyone to their new places before summer break would greatly improve the summer. If this goal is not met in full by then all donations will still be used to provide the Murat family with any other changes that can be done. If this goal is exceeded they've asked that we help them save and plan for other family needs like a car. 


Thank you for partnering with us! We are excited to see what God will do in the future through them, and in this country!

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