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Meet the Murat Family!

Wadson, Stephanie (aka Esther), and Keisha. They joined Mission 1:11 in December 2018 and are our Children's Home Directors. Wadson has a heart for children and started his own school. He constantly helps the children in his school buy buying them supplies, tutoring them, and even giving them counseling. Stephanie is a well known worship leader in Saint Marc. She has taken some popular American songs and translated them to Creole to share with the Haitian churches. She often leads concerts and revival nights with her band. 


Get to know them better by reading this recent interview!


Q: In your own words tell me about your family?
A: (Wadson) I am Wadson Murat, my wife is Stephanie Murat (Saint-surin), and we have one girl together, Keisha. We are Christians who love God and love to serve God.


Q: How old is everyone in your family"
A: (Wadson) I am 34, my wife is 27, and our daughter is 8.


Q: Tell me a funny story about something recently that happened with the kids?
A: (Wadson) One time we were all playing soccer, boys against girls, but the boys were losing. I looked over to the boys and said "Come on we cant lose to girls!". And just then Winshelda scored another goal on us. 


Q: Give me an example of either a favorite worship song or favorite Bible verse?
A: (Stephanie) "My God is Awesome" I love that song. Also Psalm 46.
A: (Wadson) My wife's songs, and John 3:16

  * Stephanie's YouTube song "I'm No Longer A Slave"

Q: If you could say just one thing you like about Mission 1:11 what would it be?
A: (Wadson) One thing i can say is how Mission 1:11 embraces and loves all the staff and kids a lot.
A: (Stephanie) I love that everyone has helping hearts. 

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