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Support Our Efforts in the Philippines

“With the support of donors and volunteers like you, our mission to help those in poverty in the Philippines has continued to grow.


One of the founders of Mission 1:11, Jennifer McKinney, was born in the Philippines and has experienced the impact of poverty first hand.  She has also observed the power we all have to help those in need.  Her mother, Judy Quick, was born in the Philippines and lived there for many years of her life.  Judy now leads our efforts to help those in need in the Philippines.  She also takes groups of people to the Philippines to assist and oversee those efforts.


The Philippines still has many people living in poverty.  Some of them live on a landfill, in little shacks, or in small houses on stilts above the ocean.  Those who are homeless sleep on the sidewalk.  Most of the people we have come across do not know that God is real and loves them. 


The families we support struggle to meet the basic needs of their children.  Many people are hungry, in need of shoes and clothing, and need help with providing school supplies for children to get an education. 


Starting in 2014, we have partnered with four churches in Manila, Cavite, and Bulacan that provide help to their communities in the form of children’s activities, school supplies, and materials when the facilities were damaged by typhoons.  


Our goal is to share God’s love through action by helping those in poverty in the Philippines have access to food, education, and basic supplies. 


Your continued support is what is needed for us to keep serving most effectively.

So how can you help? 

Visit this page if you would like to become a sponsor to a child in need in the Philippines.


If you are moved to give a donation to Mission 1:11, just click on the donate button for a one-time gift or use the subscribe buttons for a

recurring donation.


See our Facebook page for upcoming events and other ways to help support MISSION 1:11.”

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