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Support Our Efforts in Haiti

Because of your faithfulness and support, our international mission in Haiti has grown into its own organization. 


We’ve been sending teams of people to Haiti over the years. We wanted to give you an update of how we are growing and making an impact.

  • We now fully fund our own children’s home housing 12 children and providing jobs for 6 Haitian staff.

  • We recently purchased a vehicle to help transport the kids at our children’s home and for volunteer teams to use in Haiti to become more efficient.

  • We have been providing a daily feeding program for 130 children.

  • We send medical teams throughout the year to provide healthcare to those who cannot afford it.

  • We now fully sponsor a school educating and feeding 85 children.

  • And, because of your generosity, we rent a guesthouse in Haiti, that houses our volunteers and provides jobs to the local community.  A guesthouse is needed to provide a “safe” place for our teams to stay while serving.  It is also located in the same community as our children’s home which helps us partner further with Haitians.  The guesthouse will generate funds to help even more families who are in need in Haiti. 


Your continued support is what is needed for us to keep serving most effectively.


So how can you help?  


If you are moved to give a donation to Mission 1:11, we are now able to do that through our own website!  Just click on the donate button for a one-time gift or use the subscribe buttons for a recurring donation.


See our Facebook page for upcoming events and other ways to help support MISSION 1:11.

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