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Support Our Efforts in Haiti


Our journey in Haiti started in December of 2003 when a group of young people traveled there to serve at a children’s orphanage. This small moment of connection changed everything. We returned to that community every year after that and served alongside the leaders, teachers, missionaries, and pastors to support their greatest needs.  That service has included building schools, churches, homes, and providing supplies like food, healthcare, and education. Most importantly, we share and receive encouragement and hope, and have become very close with our partners in Haiti.


Mission 1:11’s ministries are concentrated in the city of St. Marc and the surrounding communities. We continue to expand our services and now we fully fund and operate a children’s home (House of Hope and Joy) and help this community of 10,000 people providing jobs, medical services, food distribution, and discipleship programs. We also provide educational sponsorships that help over 130 children go to school every year, and provide salaries for teachers in a school of 500 children (REACH Program). 

Mission 1:11 maintains a guesthouse in the MacDonald Community to host and support local and international missionaries and volunteers.  These volunteer groups partner with Mission 1:11 and the Haitian people to provide food distribution, medical clinics, trade apprenticeship training, and other outreach programs including fun events for the kids like Vacation Bible School. We have an ongoing Youth Program for discipleship and encouragement with 150 young adults that participate, as well as a Mentoring Program with 20 young adults which assists them in serving their communities. We have started implementation of a full-time Trade Apprenticeship Program (TAP) to enhance the opportunities and future for Haitian communities.

Check out the links below to learn more about how you can support our efforts.  If you’d like to give a general donation just click on the DONATE button and we will be sure to put it to good use.




●        Guesthouse/Mission House

●        House of Hope and Joy

●        REACH Program

●        TAP

●        Feeding Programs

●        Medical Missions/Telehealth

●        Mission Teams

●        Leadership Training



Your continued support is what is needed for us to keep serving most effectively.


So how can you help?  

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