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Volunteer Job Tutorials

Watch the videos below to help you choose the right volunteer position for you!

Bird Technician

This job will require loading ducks onto a remote-control launcher. You will be loading a duck on the launcher every 6-9 minutes. You will have radio communication and someone will instruct you when to load so you don’t have to guess!

Blind Planter

Every 6-9 minutes you will place a duck in front of a stake. You hide behind a duck blind until someone instructs you through radio communication to go place the duck. Job requires you to walk 15-20 yards from the blind to the stake every 6 -9 minutes.

The Line

This is considered the finish line for the retrievers. They will each have 3-5 ducks as they cross the line. They place ducks in a bucket and you will be responsible for replacing full buckets with empty ones. You will take the used ducks to the drying station. Here they are wiped down if necessary and hung to dry for re-use.

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